North Bristol PA Hire
North Bristol PA Hire

Regardless of whether you are a solo singer looking for a simple PA or a large band seeking a fully mixed sound system for your biggest gig to date, we can help you out!


We can provide a complete sound engineering service where we build the front of house and stage monitoring systems, mic up you and your band, engineer the sound, then take it all away at the end....quite simply a plug and play gig for you and your band.  


See below for a sample selection of equipment and feel free to contact us to discuss your exact requirements.

Mics and DI Boxes

We can supply many types of Microphone to suit the job in hand...vocal, instrument or even a full drum mic kit. Of course, the odd Di box may come in handy problem, we have it covered!  Simply give us a call to discuss your requirements


The mixer is an essential part of any sound system. Get it right, and it will allow the sound engineer to create the sound you are searching for....get it wrong and you will be struggling for inputs, outputs and control over the entire sound system! For demanding situations our engineers use the game changing Behringer X32 digital desk which can accommodate every conceivable need a musician or venue may dictate.

Alternatively, if analogue is your thing, we can use our smaller but versatile, 24 channel, 4 bus, 2 sends mixer that will cope with most bands / audio applications.

For smaller jobs our 12 channel, 2 bus mixer will not fail to impress. Built to the same standards as its larger stable mate, the unit is easy to use, and contains many useful features.

The mid sized Mackie ProFX12 is an excellent choice for a small band, gigging musician, DJ or even a home studio. With plenty of inputs, onboard Graphic Equaliser, 16 preset effects and the ability to interface with a laptop via a USB connection, this versatile unit is a great choice for your event.

Stage Monitors / Conference Speakers

Ok, so your audience can hear you...but what about you on stage? Guess you'll be needing some decent stage monitors then! These Behringer F1220A units deliver a powerful 90 watts RMS via a 12" woofer and 1" tweeter. With a built in amplifier featuring mic and line input, 3 band EQ, and a variable feedback filter, you can set the unit to precisely the sound you want without having to gesticulate wildly at your Sound Engineer!

Of course, they can also be used as powered speakers and especially lend themselves to stand mounting in a conference type event where you want your guest presenters to be heard right at the back of the venue but without high volume at the front...easy! Simply stand mount 4 of these, placed each side of the room, at the front and with delay mid way along and you have instant intelligibility and clarity without high volume!

Professional Speaker Systems

Here at North Bristol PA Hire we demand a lot from our equipment. We also insist of things sounding good which is why for larger jobs our engineers use the JBL SRX range of speakers including the powerful (800wrms) 712's, 715's and 718's shown in that order below. Whether we use them passively or bi / tri-amped, they combine to construct awesome sounding systems.

Recording Devices

At some point you are going to want to record a gig! The versatile Tascam DR07 MKII is just made for the job. Easy to use and with either line in or on-board mics, you simply press and record!

Priding ourselves on great customer service, we are based in Westbury on Trym, Bristol and cover the south west of England.

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