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At North Bristol PA Hire we aim to provide a selection of PA packages that you can simply select according to the size of your venue. If however you wish to hire a tailor made system based on your own specification or venue we are more than happy to discuss this and quote you a great price accordingly. Scroll to the bottom of this page to see illustrative prices.

Below you will find an example selection of packages to suit all events. These packages are to illustrate the types of systems available, however they represent the minimum equipment requirements needed for the chosen venue. Clearly the actual needs of the venue will determine the optimum system to deliver a high quality sound. Factors such as your choice of mixer, ceiling height, wall material, soft furnishings and even the number of people can have a big effect on the sound produced and need to be taken into consideration when selecting the right PA for your event. The team at North Bristol PA Hire are always more than happy to advise customers accordingly.

House / Small Hall / Small Conference - 500w system comprising Amplifier and two stand mounted speakers.

Speakers - JVC units comprising a 2 way, 8 ohm system with a 12'' Woofer and 3'' piezo horn rated at 250w rms.

Amplifier - Prosound stereo amplifier rated at 250w per channel into 8 ohms.

This compact but high performing system is ideal for a house party, small village hall or a hotel type conference primarily delivering pre-recorded music and / or speech.

Medium Hall / Garden - 720w system comprising Amplifier and four speakers.

Speakers - Two floor mounted JVC units comprising a 2 way, 8 ohm system each with 12'' woofer and two 3'' piezo horns rated at 250w rms.

- Two pole mounted JVC units comprising a 2 way, 8 ohm system each with 12'' Woofer and a 3'' piezo horn rated at 250w rms.

Amplifier - Prosound stereo amplifier rated at 360w per channel into 4 ohms.

Combining these speakers in a parallel arrangement gives an impressive 4 ohm, 500w per channel speaker system more than capable of delivering a quality sound and suited ideally to pre-recorded music and / or speech. Powered by the Prosound delivering 360w per channel, the lower units ensure a rich full range output whilst the upper units ensure a clear sound is projected at head height. The system is ideal for venues lacking a stage.

Large Hall / Small Outdoor Event - 825w system comprising Amplifier and two speakers.

Speakers - Two JBL units comprising a 2 way, 8 ohm system each with 15'' Woofer and 1'' titanium transducer coupled to a wide dispersion horn rated at 400w rms.

Amplifier - Numark Dimension 4 amplifier rated at 412 w per channel into 8 ohms.

This is a great sounding package utilising the classic JBL350 M-Series speakers widely used in clubs for sound re-inforcement. If you've ever been to a night club, there is a good chance you will have heard these great speakers and you will undoubtedly be impressed by the clean, high pressure sound they are capable of delivering. Combined with the now sadly discontinued but much loved Numark Dimension 4 this system will perform faultlessly and is ideal for pre-recorded music, speech or even a small PA for a live band.

Small Auditorium / Outdoor stage - 1820w system comprising two amplifiers and four speakers.

Speakers - Two Studiospares units each comprising a 4 ohm, 18''sub woofer rated at 800w rms.

- Two Studiospares units comprising a 3 way, 8 ohm system each with a 12'' woofer, a 8'' mid range horn and a 3'' HF horn rated at 600w rms.

Amplifiers - The subs are powered by A Numark Dimension 4 operating in sub mode and delivering a chest thumping 660w per channel.

- The full range units are powered by a Prosound amplifier delivering 250w per channel.

This beast of a system has to be heard to be believed and is more than capable of meeting professional standards of audio amplification. It works equally well for pre-recorded music, speech or for the demanding dynamics of a professionally mixed live band. The speakers perform effortlessly and well within their specified ratings giving deep bass coupled with clean and bright mid and top frequencies. You will not fail to impress your audience with this top class system.

Professional Systems - North Bristol PA Hire can provide multi-unit systems for major outdoor events and other venues demanding high power audio amplification. The picture below shows a recent event at the National Trust's Tyntesfield House that we were proud to support.

Venue Size Power Rating

Basic Dry Hire Rate

(£ per event up to 8 hour max)
House / Small Hall / Small Conference 500 Watts rms £100
Medium Hall / Garden 720 Watts rms £130
Large Hall / Small Outdoor Event 825 Watts rms £170
Small Auditorium / Outdoor stage 1820 Watts rms £250
Professional Systems Systems power dependent on application POA
Other Equipment Mixers, Equalisers, Mics, Cabling, Lighting, etc. POA

These rates are an illustration of the charge for dry hire of the specified equipment - If you would like us to deliver, set up and collect the equipment please ask for a quote.

Priding ourselves on great customer service, we are based in Westbury on Trym, Bristol and cover the south west of England.

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