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Although not immediately obvious from the company name, we also have extensive experience of lighting systems and can illuminate your event with a range of spectacular lighting units. Below you will find examples of lighting units available for hire; these can be as part of an overall sound and lighting package or a complete stage set up through to a few simple effects units to turn your living room into a 'night club' for that special party - As always, please call for help and advice!

Please note that it is very difficult to capture the full effect of these lights on a picture but they do give an idea of what to expect!!

Abstract Twister Disco Light

A very compact but effective unit producing 20 beams of multi coloured light. Driven by the bass beat of the music, the bi-directional rotating motor produces a great party effect and requires no wiring into your sound system. Simply plug into the mains and go!
Abstract HyperMoon Disco Light

Stunning Club Lighting Effect, which fills an entire room or hall with moving coloured light. The main beams form a large rotating circle (Moonflower). Secondary beams fan out from the main circle at a 180-degree angle. The light beams all change colour and move, in time to the music. Truly an effect for almost any age, room or occasion because the bulb used in the Hypermoon is not excessively bright and the unit itself is small enough so it can easily be positioned and angled to not to shine in people’s eyes. Fantastic without smoke, absolutely stunning with smoke! (Voted DJ Magazine’s Lighting Effect of the Year 1997/8)
Mojo Spinmaster 1

This amazing effects unit radiates spinning, multi-coloured images. The innovative head mechanism allows movement in a full-barrel effect projecting sixteen colours/gobos that whirl, twist and flip under both audio and DMX control. The Mojo Spin Master range is designed for heavy use so comes in a heavy duty aluminium casing. For really stunning effects link multiple Mojo effects using a DMX controller. The photo shows 4 units linked.
Mojo Spin Master III

A step up from the Spinmaster 1, this unit radiates spinning, flapping coloured images. The complex head mechanism rotates through 360 degrees whilst spinning completly on its axis. This allows unprecedented movement in all directions sending sixteen colours/gobos in every direction giving a stunning whirl, twist and flip pattern under both audio and DMX control.

Stage / Venue Lighting System

This powerful system consists of 4 Par 64 1W LED Pin Spots and DMX controller. The Par Spots each have 36 high power 1w LED's controllable through the entire colour spectrum from white to black (i.e. off!) and any colour you want in between! Ideal for use as primary lighting for stage performances, gigs, or where ambient lighting and colour wash is needed e.g. wedding marquees. The cans can be mounted on a tee bar as in the pictures or floor mounted if you require a different effect i.e. scene setting. Although they are shown in the pictures as a cluster, they can also be mounted all around a stage / venue giving a more dynamic effect to the colour changes.

The units operate in several modes, including DMX, stand alone sound activation (using the Built in microphone) and master/slave DMX Mode using the 10 DMX switches. This creates a wide range of colour and effects when several units are linked together by 3 pin XLR cables. In addition to smooth RBG colour mixing there are also many advantages offered by LED lighting. The fixtures emit almost no heat on stage, making them ideal for live productions where performers need to stay as cool as possible and LED's are energy-efficient and economical, consuming very little power compared to traditional par cans and colour wash effects.

These pictures give an idea of what the units are capable of!

Moving Head Lighting

If you really want to impress your audience, why not consider some moving head lighting?  We can supply mini LED, DMX controlled, intelligent moving head fixtures and these can be placed on the stage or hung from an appropriate lighting stand.  Suitable for theatres, live music events, retail stores, and many other locations, these units are particularly effective when used with fog or special effects smoke to enhance the beams projections.


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